Death of the Critic


Battlefield 1 - Review

Written By: CJ Streetman


Battlefield 1
is an odd beast. It’s probably the best the series has been, but it’s also incredibly fickle.

I’ve played every Battlefield
game since Battlefield 2, and never have the largest problems I’ve had with the series ever been addressed. The multiplayer has always been long treks to the spot of your inevitable death. Snipers have always been annoying. The campaigns have always been lackluster, though this last point was alleviated in the Bad Company games.

To my immense surprise
Battlefield 1 has fixed every one of these issues, but from the ashes of these decade-old problems rise a whole new set of issues ranging from rage-inducing to a kind that simply make you shake your head and carry on.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Review

Written by: Tom Blaich

COD Infinite Warfare_SP_Operation Burn Water SDF Insurgent

In some ways,
Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is the most interesting Call of Duty game to release since Modern Warfare. For once, they have finally nailed down the shooter campaign story in a way that no other game quite has this year. It goes to places that are legitimately surprising to see as a player, and they actually try to say something with the story. But at the same time, the multiplayer experience is subpar. Which is so out of left field for a game like Call of Duty. It is the exact opposite of what you would expect when you pick up one of these games each fall.

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